Friday, 12 May 2017

Happy Mother's Day from Room 8

Today I did an Art lesson with Room 8 children.  I introduce students to the three primary colours and explain why they are so powerful.  We also learnt a song that they would remember the primary colours


Students created Mother's Day cards using cut paper and glue.  They added details to their card by adding a poem for their mum.  Once we were done we all sat down and I asked them why their mum is so special to them.  It was beautiful what they said.

The Primary Colour Song  
(sing to the tune of Three Blind Mice)

Red Yellow Blue
Red Yellow Blue
I see you
Red Yellow Blue
You are the Primary colours
You make all the other colours
I wish I was a colour 
like Red, Yellow, Blue

(Silly and simple song, but the kids always remember it!!)

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


This is going to be a great Term for Room 8 and all of Waka Ahuru.  I hope everyone has had a great break. It is so good to see the children coming to school all ready to learn.  We have a lot of different things happening with Room 8 from taking the Waka assembly in Week 3 - to going on a Waka trip.  But we will keep you posted on all the great events.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Holidays start - End of Term 1 - HAPPY EASTER



It has been a great term for Room 8 children.  They have made great friends and built beautiful relationships with each creating a buddy, a friend or even a brother to be there for them for the year or even years to come.

On the last week, we looked at celebrating Easter and made some beautiful Easter bunnies.  We did plenty of artwork and writing I really wanted to share with you all.  We also talked about what Easter meant to them and their friends and family.  So check out some of the videos below to see what the children said. I couldn't fit them all on the blog but here are a few of our beautiful bunnies, cards and notes to the parents from Room 8 children.

Irene writing about her mum..
Eric (ELL) writing about his dad and mum

Vilani writing about mum and dad...
Layla's bunny is for her mum..
Rakai bunny is going to mum..
Jacks bunny is going to mum..

Taliya showing her bunny for her mum..
Omaio colouring in his Bunny for his Mum..

Ariana's Bunny is going to mum..
Blessings Bunny is going to mum too..

Fendi and her beautiful Bunny
Eric how off his Bunny

       Our Brilliant Brainy Bunnies from Room 8

Esha show off her Bunny for mum..

Isaiah and Quinten working hard on their bunnies

Aastha working hard finishing off her bunny for mum and dad..


Big Thank you to all our Room 8 Parents for your support at home with homework, making lunches and even writing notes for their uniform.  It is so important for our children to get that support at home too and I so grateful to you all.  Room 8 children have really enjoyed this term.  Enjoyed Reading about different things, Writing about their own experiences and mustn't forget some of their favourites Maths.  Like adding, subtracts, measuring and patterns in numbers.  All about the experience of learning and making it memorable so they remember and enjoy it!! 

They experienced Artsy Thursday which they all loved.  Going to their own group for their choice and learning about 'Cooking around the world', Hip Hop, Pasifika, Creative art and the list goes on.  Then having our school pool open for our children has been a blessing.  They have loved swimming and now knowing about how important it is to be safe around the pools has made them more aware of what could happen to them or to anyone in their family. 

It has a been an amazing Term 1... 

but look out cause Term 2 will be even better!!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Duffy Role Model - Rober Rakete


Duffy Role Model: Robert Rakete
Some people might know from shows in the 80's 'Sea Urchins' 'The Protesters' and one I remember 'Ready to Roll'.  He moved to Radio starting at 'Auckland Mai FM, moved to The Breeze.  I think the children would remember him for being in 
'The Wiggles'. Yes, he was 'the brown wiggle'. Such an Amazing Role Model for Duffy Books.

We were very lucky today at Homai Primary School to have Robert Rakete as our Duffy role model.  He spoke about his favourite book 'Asterix'.  A classic book that most of us parents would know and remember.  He spoke about how important books are and how books could take you around the world just by reading it. The student of Homai School really enjoyed his stories and listened to his stories about what he was like when he was younger.
He made time to stay and give out awards to our students who have been working really hard this term in their reading.  

Awards were given out from each class to those students who have worked hard! Room 8 children were all amazing but I could only give it to one student and this term it went to a young man - Jack Hunt: for moving up 5 levels and always trying really hard to sound new words.

 Also, there was a competition put out to all class to decorate their books that had our Duffy books.  The challenge was put and all the classes competed for the special prize.  Robert was given the honour to choose which box looked most creative!

The winners: Room 8 and Mrs Helsham

Room 8 Monsters
This is Monster Rock and he holds all our Duffy Books
Class Photo (left)
Winning Book (right)

Monday, 27 March 2017

Polyfest 2017 - Room 8

POLYFEST Experience

What a great day for Room 8 and the whole of Homai School.  Friday was such a busy day but our Room 8 and the whole of Homai showed the whole of South Auckland how well behaved they could be.  Showing off our school values "Tthe G.I.V.E.S' throughout the whole time - by listening to their parents helpers, staff and teachers, following instructions, being in full uniform with a hat..Amazing!  Big Thank you 'Kylie and Susana' who were parent helpers for the day.  We have got such supportive parents.. The trip would of never been possible without our parents.
We got a lot of writing and pictures about what the children experience.  They loved it!
Bring on 2019!! 

Room 8 boys just kicking it at the
Tongan Stage.
Blessing Vilani & Omaia

Manurewa High School: Kapa haka Group 
so happy to take photos with our children 
and very encouraging.

Manurewa High School: Niuean Group
so happy talk to the children about
how their group went..

Meet up with some special people..
Blessing "Hey you're from Fresh"

Having a quick break before heading 
back to school.. such a great day for 
Room 8

Marvelous March

Month of March

This month has been a great month with the children settling into class really well and building great relationships with each other in Room 8.  Also having a lot of different events happening in Homai School has made learning alot more interesting and fun for children. The learning has been so authentic that the children have enjoyed the month of March.

We have Arty Thursday / Swimming on Wednesday / Polyfest 2017 trip last has brought a lot of learning in the class.  Art Thursday the class is split into different groups such as 'Cooking around the world' - Pasifika Culture - Making great gardens and the list goes on.

Welcome to Room 8!

Welcome to 2017 as part of the Waka Ahuru - Room 8. 
During the first 2 weeks of Term 1 we will be creating bonds and relationships with the children of Room 8 by having different learning activities such as writing about them and their family, playing sports, maths games in class and even sitting together in the classroom eating lunch.
Parents and Caregivers: please feel welcome to come into class before and after school to share with your child what they have been doing in class. This is a great opportunity to chat briefly.  Please remember though I will be busy preparing for the day – please feel welcome to make an appointment for a longer discussion about progress or concerns you have.
Feel free to communicate with me by email using their school account:
Mrs Savali Helsham -
This is a reliable way to get short notes, reminders and requests promptly and accurately.
I look forward to working and having fun together as we learn during this school year 2017, in Waka Ahuru - Room 8

Happy Mother's Day from Room 8

Today I did an Art lesson with Room 8 children.  I introduce students to the three primary colours and explain why they are so powerf...